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Kelsey Beckett
January 21 - February 18, 2017


Entitled “Murmuration, this new body of work from Beckett is rooted in the complexities of solitude and intimate behavior. Each figure is presented to the voyeur in their own unique space and narrative, uniquely aware or unaware that they are being watched. Natural elements have been used as symbols to represent the inner workings of each subject's mind, as they twist like gnarled branches, softly desaturate with melancholy, or bloom with vanity and seduction. They are each placed in personal states of mind as well as action, paused so that the viewer might see themselves eerily reflecting back to a similar memory.  These situations and emotions relate to some on a deeply personal level, and others merely see a lonely portrait. Interpretation of each figure is left widely to the viewer and their own perspective, in hopes that they might find congruence and companionship with another isolated being.

Beautiful Bizarre describes Beckett as: “…a young talent on the rise. This 26-year-old American freelance illustrator uses painting and digital tools to create breathtaking portraits of female beauties. She captures the charm, fragility, mystery, and glamour of child-like spirits, teenage tomboys, and fantasy heroines in the likeness of Game of Thrones, as well as pop music icons such as Lady Gaga.”