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A Web of Stars
February 23 - March 30, 2019

Web of Stars - Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles 2019

Camille Rose Garcia’s “Web of Stars” is a collection of 14 small and intimate paintings musing on the connection of all things creating the universe simultaneously. This interconnectedness of the Universe, from the largest planets to the tiniest insects, and how every piece of the universe is involved in creating the magic of itself has become a primary focus lately of Garcia’s work. From Maya, the weaver of the Universe, we get the symbolism of the Spider weaving a web that connects all living things, the web representing the patterns and vibration. This body of work also continues Garcia’s exploration of Music and Space and the relationship of sound to form.

The palette of the paintings is limited to greens, blues, and blacks, to represent the force of life (green and blues) forming itself out of the blackness of space. These are also the colors of night, the colors of dreams, and the colors of intuition. Animal symbols and Planetary Deities work together on the weaving together of the Universe. In “Neptune Transmitter,” Despina, the embodiment of one of the 13 moons of Neptune, calls forth the other moons, arranging them in orbit around the ice planet.