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Natalia Fabia
Rainbeau Samsara
November 5 - December 10, 2016

 ~ In The Main Gallery ~


Natalia Fabia has been painting the female form in environments for years.  After the birth of her daughter, Peribeau, and the sudden loss of her brother, her painting exploration has progressed. 

Natalia was drawn to the absolute truth of what remains of the physical body after one transitions; a tangible ash of our carbon frame, our stardust.   It is this stardust that links us to the planets and cosmos, to the sand and dirt of the earth, and to each other.  While so much of our existence and human experience is a mystery, Natalia found comfort through meditation, and in the knowingness she felt holding and even painting with human stardust, a tangible truth.  

In viewing this body of work, you will wander through each cycle of the human experience from stardust conception, to transitioning and dropping the body. When you first come into existence you are plopped into your place in the world, given your glass shell and spirit family.  From here you pass through sequential cycles of life, known in Sanskrit as Samsara.  Each stage defined by naturally occurring rhythms and routines felt in yourself, as well as in the universe. 

As we cycle through this physical life, we have portals into the divine.  A place of purity, innocence, connection to spirit, and oneness that is always with us.  We can find this place of beauty and magic in the backdrop of nature, in the sacred geometry of our stars, and in the prisms of rainbows. We can access this at any time. Natalia seeks to depict this in her paintings through her sparkles, paint splatters, painterly brushstrokes, and splashes of colors and rainbows juxtaposed with figures and landscapes, giving the viewer a feeling of timelessness and wonder. 

Watching how her paintings develop, you realize that she is exploring and learning as she goes. Observing her brilliancy, one would think that she had a clear picture of the end result, but she doesn’t start out with all the answers.  Her paintings give back to her as they transform and change, giving her insight into the magical nature of our world.  

Natalia uses traditional oil painting techniques and also rebels against tradition with her use of sparkles, glitter and expressive color.  Her Rainbeau to the physicality of the soul. 

This body of work, Rainbeau Samsara, is part one of an ongoing series.