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"The Burden of Adoration"
February 15 - March 8, 2014





On Saturday, February 15th, CHG Circa is pleased to present “The Burden Of Adoration” the highly emotive and captivating works of Los Angeles artist Sarah Folkman, her first solo show with the gallery.

Folkman is recognized for using exotic woods as her canvas and for infusing nature and the female figure. Her upcoming exhibition will explore a new realm of intense emotion. In “The Burden of Adoration,” Folkman explores the feeding frenzy-like frame of mind one experiences when you’re in love; the sensation of wanting to completely protect the one you adore while simultaneously feeling that you would murder them if they betrayed you; a mad intensity that when not reciprocated leads to disaster. Initially, she had an entirely different idea for her show. As she began the work, she felt a creeping sense of wrongness, of falseness and after months of work, she sanded down the scarred surfaces and started over. Folkman elaborates that, “the images I had started didn’t seem to be going in a direction that would allow me to feel and think about passion as I was working.”

For her exhibition, Folkman has challenged herself with a new type of wood - olive ash burl with a particularly beautiful swirling pattern of tight and loose grain. She will unveil twelve new paintings. Folkman explains, “I am interested in depicting moments, or small scenes, of intense emotion. I paint because it allows an expression of thoughts and feelings that otherwise become dangerously bottled up.”

The reception for “The Burden of Adoration” is open to the public and will take place on Saturday, February 15 from 7 to 10pm. The exhibition will be on view until March 8, 2014.

Sarah Folkman

Sarah Folkman is a California native, born and raised in Los Angeles. She began painting at the age of 20 and is self-taught. Her work encapsulates an alluring beauty filled with many figurative and symbolic elements. She uses a new type of wood for each body of work, a challenge she welcomes as the various woods all take the paint differently and impose constraints on her technique forcing her to be more controlled and deliberate. Her work has been featured in numerous gallery exhibitions as well as SCOPE Miami Art Fair and “Art From The New World” at Bristol’s City Museum & Art Gallery. Folkman has also spent time as a professional musician and a writer prior to focusing exclusively on painting. She currently lives in North Hollywood with her partner and baby daughter. For more information about Sarah Folkman please visit

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