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Camille Rose Garcia 2018
The Wonderful World of Dr. Deekay
May 12 - June 16, 2018


The Wonderful World of Dr. Deekay
Camille Rose Garcia’s latest exhibition invites you to enter the epic Dystopian Horror Fairytale she created for her illustrated book and stop-motion animation,  “The Cabinet of Dr. Deekay”.

“The Cabinet of Dr. Deekay” an original story written and illustrated by Garcia, is a surrealistic psychedelic commentary on our modern world inspired by her real-life dental horror. During a one week period, Garcia endured 11 root canals, a full mouth reconstruction, gum surgery, and finally a bad reaction to an anti-anxiety pill that created frightening hallucinations and the inspiration for this story.

Young Alex Winchester wakes up in a strange hospital with a tooth-headed doctor staring down at him and parts of himself missing. He has somehow ended up in a dystopian new world in which everyone is systematically “rearranged”.
With the help of his beloved cat Pierre St. Claire and a secret underground resistance army, The Cats of the Midnight Moon, Alex and the gang weave their way through a labyrinthian hospital setting to outsmart Dr. Deekay and unravel the mystery of the Doctor’s secret cabinet.

In the tradition of Orwell, Huxley, and Roald Dahl, Garcia carefully blends humor and horror to create a singular world reflecting our own reality collective experience of living in an asylum of cheerful horror.

The exhibition is comprised of Illustrations from the book, original paintings, as well as process work and puppets from the creation of the the stop-motion animation.