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Lost Days
October 1 - October 29, 2016





With this new group of paintings, I am once again using multiple poses of the same model, thereby creating a ‘twin effect’, or what I would call a “meta portrait.  Thus, my intention is to describe BOTH one moment and all moments – a place that is at once self-referential and omni-referential, which is what we are, have always been, and always will be.


You will discern figures wrapped in bedding, along with flowers, insects and ribbons – all on a flat landscape approaching weightlessness or oneiric rarefaction.  Imagine that you’ve ventured out into a void that is a soft and inviting lake of grey brain matter with lacy edges. Jagged bits of painful memories protrude, promising blistering welts of regret that are ready to blossom into beautiful watery purple bruises. The subjects’ poses appear as ritualistic, cleansing and edifying, which furthers my intention towards describing an omnipresent experience.

Blinding pinpoints of light stemming from my own experiences, feelings, and impressions.  A body in torment and escape into the mind set ajar. Childbirth, migraines, fevers, bed rest, and photophobia.  Tossing in bed, wracked with pain. Lost hours and days beyond time and inside one’s mind.  Dream Reification, where strange vistas open up and drift away…



John Singer Sargent and select other turn-of-the-century portrait painters.