August 12, 2010
Robots Deeply Desire Donuts at Corey Helford Gallery
Grub Street Los Angeles

This Saturday, Culver City's Corey Helford Gallery is unleashing three unlikely tastes that go great together: cupcakes, donuts, and robots! San Francisco artist Eric Joyner is known for sweet-centric paintings that pair our mechanical brethren with Homer Simpson's favorite dessert. His new show of 20 pieces, titled "Donut Logic," adds cupcakes to the mix in an imaginary look at the everyday lives and dreams of post-apocalyptic robots, who will apparently eat a lot of junk food, rock tattoos, spawn human children, and ride motorcycles in the years to come. The exhibition premieres Saturday at 7:00 P.M. and runs at the gallery until September 1, 2010. Corey Helford Gallery, 8522 Washington Blvd. Culver City. 310-287-2340.

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