October 3, 2008
Joshua Petker's "Black Sugar" at Corey Helford
Juxtapoz Magazine

Damn that girl's hot. Actually, all of Joshua Petker's painted ladies are pretty hot; like that girl you want to approach at the bar but don't have the nerve to because you know she'll shoot you down and then you'll feel like an idiot because you knew she was out of your league in the first place hot. Well, come approach a whole group of Petker’s beautiful ladies in a safe environment tomorrow, October 4, 2008, at the opening of his newest solo show, Black Sugar, at Corey Helford Gallery. Or even take her home, because along with the exhibit debut, this stunning limited edition giclee print will be available in 4 colorways (purple, pink, white, and green.) Only forty of each has been made, so come out for some of Perker's Black Sugar. You can bet it’ll be tasty. Details at coreyhelfordgallery.com

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