June 29, 2012
Colin Christian "Hello, Pretty, Pretty"
Juxtapoz Magazine

On July 7, 2012, London-born Colin Christian will open Hello, Pretty Pretty, his first solo exhibition with Corey Helford Gallery. The exhibition will feature 12 new works that pay tribute to the Black Queen of Sogo from the 1968 cult film Barbarella. His large-scale sculptures capture beauty in many forms from futuristic portraits of Cleopatra and Hello Kitty to ultra-mod Orbit Chairs made from fiberglass, steel and faux fur.Internationally known for his glamorous sci-fi-esque female figures crafted from fiberglass, Christian describes his aesthetic as “optimistic futurism with a giggle.”For “Hello, Pretty Pretty,” Christian will unveil twelve new pieces, featuring luxe textures that incorporate glitter and sequins as well as darker overtones addressing transhumanism. He adds, “I wanted to push it as far as light and dark goes, both figuratively and literally.”A striking blend of fashion, 60s pop art and 70s interior design, “Hello, Pretty Pretty,” references a wide range of influences from Christian’s life. He notes,“‘Zoofy’ was inspired by my sister-in-law’s traffic accident. It features a gothic corseted girl in eighteen-inch heels with a metal support frame on wheels so that she could walk. Another piece, my first major black figure, ‘Superflyhoney’ is a nine and a half foot tall, 70s inspired futuristic girl. Wearing a painted on rubber cat suit with giant space flares, she is based on my love of 70s soul and disco.”

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