Messy Desk

The work of the award-winning and internationally known artist Jane Lee, aka Messy Desk, is full of joyful characters and animals, happy faces interwoven between buildings, rainbows, and even outer space. Her art is carefully crafted, stroke after stroke, and the result is high-density landscapes with an explosion of color. Frantic as it might be at first glance, after close inspection, Messy Desk’s art is full of emotional stories, like charming little treasures hidden in plain sight, awaiting to be discovered. Her mural paintings have been exhibited in China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, the U.S., UK, and Poland, which received an environmental design award from Urban Forms. Messy Desk’s international accolades include 1st Runner up for a JIA Illustration Award at the Japan Illustrator’s Association in 2016, winner of The Best Illustration (Advertising) at the 4th Greater China Illustration Awards in 2016, as well as being awarded by France’s Angoulême International Comics Festival in 2012.